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Hassle Free Claim Process

Together with our partners in Gawa Agad Program, we give you the fastest yet most efficient way of car repair.

What is PinkWheels’ Gawa Agad Program?

Gawa Agad Program (GAP) is a claims settlement system whereby accredited automotive shops are authorized to function as a drive-in claim center. This means a client can file the claim straight to the shop. He or She can bring the damaged car together with the basic claim documents, so that repair begins right away.

GAP Shops are among the few across the country that merited a four- to five-star rating from the Department of Trade and Industry. This rating puts them to the CASA-category or the highest classification of automotive service shops.

Gawa Agad Program guarantees CASA-repair standards and convenience throughout the entire claims process:

1. Fast and prompt repair of your car.
2. Minimum documentation requirements.
3. Paper works to be handled and completed by PinkWheels.
4. Pick-up of your car to the GAP-accredited shop and delivery to your preferred site after repair.
5. In and out car wash for free prior to delivery.
6. No need for estimates from other repair shops.
7. No need for evaluation from professional evaluator.
8. No need to wait for Letter of Authority from Insurance Company.
9. One (1) year guarantee on repairs.
10. Guaranteed brand new original replacement parts.

how to claim insurance download here submit to GAP shop download here pink wheels receipt driver's license vehicle registration police report

PinkWheels will take care of the rest. You may also call the
PinkWheels Hotline at 813-7465 (813-PINK) to arrange for pick-up of
documents from your specified address.