24/7 Nationwide Rescue

We provide 24/7 roadside services nationwide via PinkWheels Rescue Club. This club is exclusive to all subscribers of our Comprehensive Auto Insurance. If you need towing or a tire change, you can easily dial our 24/7 rescue hotline 236- 7235 and help shall arrive at your location in no time.

1. Emergency Towing Assistance. Free towing for accident or breakdown. Maximum of 3 events in a year combined for breakdown and accident. Up to an amount payable of Php4500.

2. Minor On-Site Repairs Assistance. Unlimited number of event for minor repairs such as changing of tires, battery boosting, jumpstarting of vehicle, oil and fuel delivery and unlocking of vehicle. Up to an amount payable of Php1200 per event.

3. Vehicle Removal. In case your vehicle has been rendered a total wreck or has fallen into a ravine, we will provide free vehicle removal service for a maximum of 3 events. Up to an amount payable of Php10000.

4. Alternative Transport & Hotel Accommodation Assistance.

a. If the car cannot be repaired within 24 hours, Pink Wheels will pay for the hotel stay up to Php4000 per night for 2 consecutive nights max.

b. If the car cannot be repaired within 4 hours, Pink Wheels will pay for the travel costs of returning the Member to his/her residence.

c. Pink Wheels will pay for the travel costs of bringing the Member to his/her final destination, provided that the distance is not greater than that between the place of breakdown and Member’s residence.

5. Emergency Message Assistance & Critical Information Referral.

a. Transmit urgent messages related to the accident to Member’s family

b. Relay information on accredited repair shops

c. Arrange for hospital admission of the Member or the other injured passengers

d. Arrange for ambulance assistance and medical evaluation

e. Provide 24-hour medical advice for medical emergencies.

f. Provide traffic situations within Metro Manila

g. Access the map for directions and recommend possible routes

h. Arrange for legal assistance and refer Member to a legal counsel

6. Carnap Incident Assistance. Pink Wheels will coordinate the incident with the proper
authorities so that search can commence immediately.

If you have any questions, please call 813-7465 (813-PINK) to talk to a PinkWheels Account Servicer.